Sprirabands in use 
Sprirabands in use 
Spiraband holder 


Applications:  Designed for stainless steel and hard metal applications zirconium oxide Spirabands are just as effective at grinding and shaping awkward areas on other metals, wood and at the right speed, plastics. 

Product Notes:  Available from 10mm to 60mm diameter enabling easy access combined with good stock removal to recesses and shapes.  On stainless steel use 40-60 grit for grinding and shaping, 60 - 80 grit for deburring, and pre-finishing and 150 grit for light deburring work and finishing.

Also Available:  Use the Spirabands on Spiraband mandrels, at the bottom of the list .  These are mounted on 6mm spindles to fit air tools or power drill chucks.

More Information

Spirabands are small abrasive belts which are used on a rubber mandrel. As the mandrel spins the spiraband is held in place by centrifugal tension. They are commonly used for grinding, shaping, deburring, and finishing hard to reach areas; when used the correct speed they are effective on all metals.
Spirabands have excellent longevity even at high speeds, whilst giving good result when finishing stainless steel.

Smaller sleeves or spirabands made with zirconium oxide abrasives can be used for a range of applications: 

· Small shaping and detailing
· Automotive and aviation industries
· Construction of dies and models

Product Information:
· Available in the most popular grits and sizes
· Zirconium oxide grit abrasives for stainless steel and hard metals
· 10 to 45mm diameter
· 40, 60 and 80 grit available
· For use on spiraband holders with a 6mm spindle



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