Surface conditioning abrasive belts are used  for deburring and finishing.

We stock abrasive belts in Coarse, Medium and Very Fine grades and for all the standard powerfile machines including Beltit, Dynafile, Suhner, Makita, Metabo and Sealey


Belt Length                       Machines

330mm (x10mm)                Sealey, Beltit BG10.

457mm (x6, x13mm)           Dynafile, Beltit

520       (x20mm)                Beltit BG20, Sealey

533mm (x6, x9, x13mm)      Beltit, Makita, Flex, Fein, Metabo


 See 'more information' for help with grade selection


More Information

Grade                 Colour           Applications

Coarse (CO)         Brown            Deburring and general satin finish

Medium (ME)       Maroon          240 grit satin finish

Very Fine VF)       Blue                320 grit satin finish


Please note for simplicity we have made available a small standard range of belts.  we can however supply any belt size you require, manufactured to order.

GradeLength (mm)Width (mm)Pack Qty.Part No.
CO330 X 10 mm1010BF.SC.CO.330X10.G
CO457 X 13 mm1310BF.SC.CO.457X13.G
CO533 X 6 mm610BF.SC.CO.533X6.G
CO533 X 9 mm910BF.SC.CO.533X9.G
CO533 X 13 mm1310BF.SC.CO.533X13.G
ME457 X 13 mm1310BF.SC.ME.457X13.G
ME533 X 6 mm610BF.SC.ME.533X6.G
ME533 X 9 mm910BF.SC.ME.533X9.G
ME533 X 13 mm1310BF.SC.ME.533X13.G
VF457 X 13 mm1310BF.SC.VF.457X13.G
VF533 X 6 mm610BF.SC.VF.533X6.G
VF533 X 9 mm910BF.SC.VF.533X9.G
VF533 X 13 mm1310BF.SC.VF.533X13.G

Stainless Steel Polishing Kits

These kits have been designed to provide professional mirror polished or brushed finishes on different stainless steel surfaces. They also contain video links to show the correct techniques.

Stainless Steel Polishing Kits

Replacement Abrasive Belts

We can supply replacement belts for almost any machine. If they are not in stock, they can be made to order. All are high quality, with carefully made taped joints.Abrasive Sanding Belts