Abrasives For Maintenance

Abrasives for Maintenance was formed to support those who need to get things fixed quickly and professionally. We specialise in metalworking abrasive solutions and the machines to work them effectively. Whether you work with the hardest grades of stainless steel, or soft non-ferrous metals, we have the optimum abrasives to achieve professional finishes fast. This site offers solutions to metal finishing after re-welding, re-coating or re-working in other ways. In particular, the maintenance engineer in food and pharmaceuticals who need the best solutions for stainless steel finishing will appreciate this site.


The Right Solutions

We have taken a solutions based approach to working with metal. Rather than just list ranges of products, we offer tried and tested kits and packaged solutions to the needs of maintenance.


We mainly offer the high quality abrasive products of Cibo Abrasives, Belgium, who enjoy a strong quality repuation across Western Europe, especially in the field of metalworking abrasives. For further information about this range see the website of their UK outlet: www.abrasive-systems.co.uk.


Most cutting and grinding discs are from sister company Right Lines Ltd, whose details are on www.rightlines.ltd.uk  We also use other suppliers where we can obtain high quality abrasive solutions.



We have abrasive products for all metalworking processes from cutting metal to grinding off welds, brush finishing stainless right up to mirror polishing. We have market leading solutions to stainless steel finishing.


Abrasives For Industry Ltd  

Abrasivesformaintenance.co.uk is run by Abrasives For Industry Ltd. Our company details are:


Registered in England and Wales Co No 5864161

Registered address: Units 24 & 25 Skirsgill Business Park, Penrith, CA11 0FD

Trading Address: Units 24 & 25 Skirsgill Business Park, Penrith, CA11 0FD

VAT Reg No 886 6890 46

Stainless Steel Polishing Kits

These kits have been designed to provide professional mirror polished or brushed finishes on different stainless steel surfaces. They also contain video links to show the correct techniques.

Stainless Steel Polishing Kits

Replacement Abrasive Belts

We can supply replacement belts for almost any machine. If they are not in stock, they can be made to order. All are high quality, with carefully made taped joints.Abrasive Sanding Belts